James R. Moody

James R. Moody is the former Commissioner of Administration for the State of Missouri, where he served as the state's chief administrative official from 1989 through 1992. Moody is also a former Missouri state budget director.

James R. MoodyMoody has also served as Executive Deputy Director of the Missouri Department of Social Services, Director of the Missouri Division of Family Services, and Assistant Director of the Ellis Fischel State Cancer Center.

From 1989 through 1992, Moody served as a member of the Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council, which served in an advisory capacity to the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

Moody is a former trustee of the Missouri State Employees Retirement System, the former chairman of the Missouri Public Entity for Risk Management, and a former member of the Missouri Board of Fund Commissioners.

Moody is widely acknowledged as one of the most prominent governmental consultants in Missouri. During 1994, he wrote the definitive analysis of the proposed constitutional amendment known as Hancock II. In 1995 and 1996, he published extensive research on the riverboat gaming industry in Missouri.  In 1985, Moody was recognized as Public Administrator of the Year by the Missouri Institute of Public Administration. In 1994, Moody was named the Communicator of the Year by the Mid-Missouri Public Relation Society.

Moody received a bachelors degree in English Literature from the University of Notre Dame, and a masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Moody is also a graduate of Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government, and was a Danforth fellow while attending Harvard.

Moody represents and consults with a diverse array of clients in Missouri, including clients which deal with public finance, telecommunications, community mental health, riverboat gaming, venture capital, local government, data processing, managed care, manufacturing and legal services.

Moody is also a widely published and quoted author and consultant on issues that impact Missouri state government.



The Impact of the Proposed Hancock II Amendment, Fiscal and Policy Implications for Missouri State Government.
Prepared for the Committee to Protect Missouri's Future, 1994.

An Analysis of the Impact of Riverboat Gaming Taxes on Missouri Education. Prepared for the Missouri Riverboat Gaming Association, 1995.

District by District Missouri School District Funding from Riverboat Gaming Taxes, School Years 1996 & 1997.Prepared for the Missouri Riverboat Gaming Association, 1995.

The ABCs of Amendment 2, An Analysis of the Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Increase the Debt Limitation for Missouri School Districts. Prepared for A.G. Edwards & Sons, 1996.

Riverboat Gaming in Missouri, A Time of Transition. Prepared for the Missouri Riverboat Gaming Association, 1996.

An Analysis of the Two Dollar Admission Fee to Missouri Riverboats. Prepared for the Missouri Riverboat Gaming Association, 1996.

Communities With Rapidly Expanding Residential Housing and Their Impact on Local School Districts, (A Study of the Fort Zumwalt, Francis Howell, and Rockwood School Districts and the Impact of Rapid Growth on Those Districts).
Prepared for the Urban Choice Coalition, August 1998

Gaming Funds for the Missouri School Foundation Formula, The Growth in Funding and the Effect on Individual Missouri School Districts Since 1993
Prepared by Missourians for Fairness and Jobs, July 1998

Medicaid and the Missouri State Budget. Prepared for the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, November 2001.

An Analysis of Recent Trends in Missouri State Government Revenues and Spending. Prepared for the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association and St. Louis Civic Progress, December 2001.

A Fiscal and Accountability Analysis of The Proposed Ballot Initiative to Increases Taxes on Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products. Prepared for Citizens For A Healthy Missouri, October 2002.

Missouri's Budget Problem; Causes and Possible Solutions. Prepared for St. Louis Civic Progress, St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority, St. Louis Regional Business Council, St. Charles Partners for Progress, the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City, and the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

Contracted Fiscal Analysis for Proposed Legislative or Ballot Issues

Tax Limitation (1994) Analysis of the proposed Hancock II Amendment for the Committee to Protect Missouri's Future

Riverboat Gaming (1998) Analysis of the funds generated for the school foundation formula by school district for Missourians for Fairness and Jobs, the campaign committee for the boats in moats campaign.

School Desegregation (1997 and 1998 legislative sessions) Analysis of the impact of changes to the school foundation formula for a statutory resolution to the St. Louis and Kansas City desegregation cases, performed for Missourians for Our Childrens Future, a not for profit funded by St. Louis Civic Progress and the Kansas City Civic Council.

Concealed Weapons (1999) Analysis of the fiscal impact of the proposed conceal and carry ballot proposal for the Safe Schools and Workplace Committee, the group opposed to conceal and carry.

Utility Deregulation (1999 and 2000) Analysis of tax changes required for electricity deregulation, prepared for Missourians for Electricity Tax Fairness, a campaign committee formed by AmerenUE and Kansas City Power & Light.

Tobacco Settlement Funds and Hancock Issues Analysis of distribution of tobacco settlement funds proposed by ballot petition for a new constitutional amendment, as well as analysis of impact on Hancock Amendment calculations if tobacco settlement funds are considered a part of total state revenue.

Transportation In 2002, Moody provided a fiscal analysis of multiple proposed ballot initiative petitions to increase various taxes for transportation funding which were submitted to the Secretary of State for certification.

Alternatives to Incarceration--In 2002, Moody provided a fiscal analysis for an initiative petition certified by the Secretary of State that would have increased the cigarette tax and dedicated the funding to alternatives to incarceration for minor drug possession offenders.

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